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Why Mosty

Mostovsky district was formed on January 15, 1940. It is located in the west of the Grodno Region, bordered by six districts of the region - Grodno, Volkovyssk, Zelva, Schuchinsk, Berestovitsa, and Dyatlov. The town of Mosty is its center. The total area of the raion is 1,350 km2 . The rayon includes 6 village councils, 155 settlements. 
As of January 01, 2021 the Region had a population of 27.0 thousand including 15.2 thousand of urban population and 11.8 thousand of rural population. 

The economy of Mostov district accounts for 1.3 % of revenues from sales of products, goods (works, services) of the Grodno region, 1.5 % of regional industrial output, 4.9 % of agricultural output, 1.2 % of construction output. 

In the structure of regional revenues the highest specific weight falls on industry - 61%, agriculture - 36%, construction - 2%. Mostov district accounts for 0.6% of the total exports of goods of the Grodno region, 0.5% - exports of services. Organizations of the district in 2020 carried out export-import transactions with 34 countries, products and services were exported to 21 countries. The main trade partners for the district are: France - the share in the district's exports was 27.3%, Poland - 25.4%, the Russian Federation - 15.9%, Germany - 11.3%, Ukraine - 5.5%, Kazakhstan - 3.1%, Uzbekistan - 2.3%, Lithuania - 1.6%. 

The agro-industrial complex of the area is represented by 7 organizations, including 2 - open joint-stock companies, 2 - communal agricultural unitary enterprises, 1 - closed joint-stock company, 2 - branches of open joint-stock companies, 18 - peasant (farmer) households.  

The area of agricultural lands is 60,2 thou.ha, including 37,7 thou.ha of arable lands, 22,4 thou.ha of meadows, including 21,1 thou.ha of improved lands. Cadastral evaluation score of arable lands is 34.8. The main agricultural products are milk, meat of cattle and pigs, grain, potatoes, vegetables, sugar beet. As of January 1, 2021 66,9 thousand hectares of agricultural lands, including 35,1 thousand hectares of arable land were assigned to agricultural organizations. Peasant farms own 3,482 thousand hectares of farmland, including 2,745 thousand hectares of arable land.  

Industrial complex of the region is represented by seven basic enterprises, namely Mostovdrev OJSC, Rogoznitskiy Starch Factory OJSC, Baidimeks JLLC, Moteks OJSC, Mostiv Agricultural Machinery, Mostivka Repair Plant OJSC, Mostivka Housing and Communal Service RUP. Mostovdrev OJSC is the town-forming enterprise of the district, it accounts for 70% of the industrial output of the district.  

The educational system is represented by 30 educational institutions, including: 10 - preschool education (2 preschool child development centers, 5 nursery - gardens, 3 kindergartens); 14 - general secondary education (1 gymnasium, 8 secondary schools, 5 educational and pedagogical complexes kindergarten - secondary school); 1 - special education (center of corrective and developmental training and rehabilitation); 2 additional education (center of creativity of children and youth and ecological and biological center); 1 - social and pedagogical (social and pedagogical center with children's social asylum, 2 family-type children's homes); 2 - educational and health-improving (recreation camp "Neman", educational and health-improving camp "Pacevichi"). In the educational system also functions the state institution "Prinemansky health and fitness complex". 

Six institutions with 35 branches are engaged in the development of culture in the Mostovsky District. Library services are provided by 17 libraries. 

Health care of the Mostovka Region is represented by: the central regional hospital with 186 beds, a polyclinic with 275 visits per shift, women and children consultations, the first-aid station in Dubno, Kurynetsky, Pervomaiskiy, Dubno and Pervomaiskiy districts. Dubno, Kurilovichi ag. has local hospitals with 25 beds each, 6 outpatient clinics, 13 feldsher-midwife stations. In total there are 236 beds in the district. 

There are 3 specialized educational and sports institutions (children and youth sports schools) promoting five kinds of sports (basketball, soccer, athletics, rowing, canoeing) and the Mostovsky Physical Culture and Sports Club for physical education and rehabilitation. 

Commercial services are provided by 255 stores and pavilions of retail trade and 33 public catering facilities, including the public network - 17 facilities. 

As of January 1, 2021 there were 599 small and medium-sized business entities (115 micro- and small organizations, 3 medium-sized business organizations) and 484 individual entrepreneurs, whose activities contributed 2,8 mln rubles to the district budget in 2020 (specific weight - 44%). 

The construction complex of Mostovsky District is represented by 2 construction sites - Mostovskaya Rural Farm Machinery SE, Mostovskaya RUP Housing and Utilities Enterprise. Construction services are rendered by PC "Mostovskoye Rayselhozenergo", DRSU-208 and "Mostyteplomontazh" LLC, the latter of which also provides export of construction services. 1.5