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The territory of the area is located within the Verhnemanskaya lowland. Relief - level, the general slope from south to north to the valley of the river Neman. The predominant altitude (80%) is 120 meters above sea level. The highest point - 167 meters (2 km south of Big Rogoznitsa).

Minerals: chalk, clays and loams, peat, sand and gravel. Average temperature in January -5.1 degrees Celsius, in July 18 degrees Celsius. 

Precipitation is 540 m per year. Vegetative period - 198 days.

The Neman River with its tributaries Shchara and Sipa, Zelvyanka, Ross, Elnia run through the area. Forests occupy 37% of the area. Large tracts of forests are preserved along the Neman River (part of the Neman forests and the Lipichanskiy Forest), there is the Dublyanskoye water reservoir.

Soils are dominated by sod-podzolic (54,3%), sod-podzolic boggy (14,4%), peat-bog (14%), sod and sod-carbonate boggy (11,8%).

22 monuments of Mostovsky district are included into the State List of Historical and Cultural Values of the Republic of Belarus. Among them are three historical monuments (mass graves, 1944), four architectural monuments (churches and churches of 18-19 centuries), fifteen archaeological monuments (burial grounds of the 10-13th centuries, hamlets of the 16-18th centuries, settlements of the Iron Age and 11-13th centuries, sites of the Stone and Bronze Age, Neolithic, 4-3 thousand years BC).