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About Mosty District

Founded on January 15, 1940, the Mosty region is situated in the west of the Grodno oblast and borders on the Zelva, Volkovysk, Grodno, Dyatlovo, Schuchin, Berestovitsa regions.

The Mosty region is located within the Neman lowland and occupies 1.4 thousand square kilometres. The region embraces 13 rural councils and 154 settlements with 34.9 thousand people (as of January 1, 2007). The largest river is the Neman with its confluents Schara, Zelvyanka, Ros, Yelnya. Forests account for 33% of the total territory of the region. Minerals are chalk, loam, peat, sand-gravel material. The railways Lida-Mosty-Volkovysk and Grodno-Mosty, roadways Schuchin-Mosty-Volkovysk, Mosty-Slonim, Mosty-Grodno path through the region. The town of Mosty is the centre of the region.

In the 15th century Mosty was a big settlement at the main trading routes: via Neman and Brest-Vilno (present Vilnius). Mosty was first mentioned as the centre of the volost of the Grodno powiat in 1486. A Roman-Catholic Church was built in Mosty in 1539. The land for its construction was allocated by Queen Bona, the wife of the Grand Duke of the Great Principality of Lithuania and the King of Poland. According to the stocktake in 1561, Mosty had nine streets, a ferry and a pier; timber was one of the most important trade items. It was floated via Neman to Grodno, Kovno and Konigsberg. Since 1589 Mosty was a part of the Grodno estate. In line with the royal charters of 1601, 1633, 1653, 1677, Mosty received limited town liberties. The charter of 1633 permitted to hold a daily market and two annual fairs.

After the third partition of Rzecz Pospolita in 1795 Mosty was incorporated into the Russian Empire.

From September 1915 till December 1918 Mosty were occupied by the German troops. From 1921 the town was a part of Poland and was the center of the Grodno powiat of the Bialystok wojewodztwo.

Mosty became part of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1939; the centre of the region - in January 15, 1940. On June 25, 1941 Mosty was occupied by the Nazi invaders. The Nazis brought the settlement under the jurisdiction of the Bialystok region of the East Prussia province. During the war the Nazis killed 2.681 people. Mosty was liberated on July 13, 1944 by the Second Belarusian Front during the Bialystok Operation.

In September 1944 the region became a part of the Grodno oblast. In December 1962 the Mosty region was abolished and its territory went under the jurisdiction of the Volkovysk and Schuchin regions. The Mosty region was restored in January 1965 (till 1966 the region included a part of the Zelva region with the settlement of Zelva). In January 1949 Mosty was granted the status of a town-type settlement, on July 22, 1955 – a town. In 1970 the region had the population of 11.6 thousand, in 2006 – 16.5 thousand.