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National landscape preserve “Lipichanskaya Puscha”

National landscape preserve “Lipichanskaya Puscha”. (Lipichanskaya Preserve)
“Lipichanskaya Puscha” possesses great possibilities for the development of eco- tourism not only because of its precious nature but also because of its reach and unique culture, of its archeological and architectural remainders and because of a great number of historical monuments which have a great value not only for the region but for the whole Eastern European history which is connected with the wars, battles and partisans’ moments. The infrastructure of the “Lipichanskaya Puscha” is capable enough for the successful development of eco-tourism. The administrative centre of “Lipichanskaya Puscha” is located in the village of Goluby, Mosty region. It organizes the canoe floating and provides the possibilities of all needed equipment hire service for it. This is a great advantage for the development of water tourism. What is very important is that many roads which connect “Lipichanskaya Puscha” with all the regions of Belarus and also with neighboring countries pass through it. The communication is very easy also because the train stations in Rozhanka, Novoeljnya and Mosty where the regional and international trains stop is very close to “Lipichanskaya Puscha”. There are possibilities for the accommodation in the villages of Shimki, Novoselki and Moskali where the agro-hostels are located. If not, you may accommodate in district cities of Mosty, Schutchin or Dyatlovo which are very close to Lipichanskya Puscha and which have a very neat hotels and good restaurants. If you are interested in travelling “wild way” the preserve is an ideal place. Here you may find equipped tourist parking places where you may put a tent and which are equipped with sheds, tables, fire places provided by wood and you may even have a possibility to take a ‘tourist way” steam bath. In order to provide a better and interesting possibilities to travel on the territory of “Lipichanskaya Puscha” the tourist routs on foot, by bicycles and by boats are developed.

Tourist routes brief information:
- bicycle route-46kilometres: villages: Goluby – Stukaly –Zhamoida lake – “Lysoya Gora” place – “Obsoh” place – village Shestily – Memorial complex Shimki – Schara Saint spring – old tar factory, “Lesnik” place, Rapninskaya (old) German road.
-foot route – 32 kilometers: Shimki village– “Obsoh” place – 2 days,
-water route #1 – 43 kilometers; Schare river – Volya Krupitsy village “Obsoh” place - 2 days.
- water route #2 - 22kilometres. :Schara river - Shimki – Novoselki – 1day.
Ecological routes:
- ecological route “By the river Schara”: spring, tar factory ,black birch tree ,memorial complex “Shimki”.
- ecological route ”By the river Neman”: Oak tree forest in Stukaly village.
Photo-hunting and fishing::
- lake “Popovskoe” , lake “Ust” meadow , river Neman sink “Vyspa”, “Obsoh” place, “lysaya Gora”.
Tourist equipment hire ;
- 2 places canoe -5 pieces,
- 2 paces tourist tent – 5 pieces.
Guide service is provided.
Historical and Cultural places of interest:
- partisan’s steam bath, memorial complex “Shimki”, Schara Saint spring, tar factory, black birch tree, bee-hospital in the open air.
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“Lipichanskaya Puscha” office:
Shkoljnaya Street,1A, Goluby village,Mosty region.
Tel: =375-1515- 24-3-42,
Director: AndreI Vorobei ,МТС +375-33- 620-66-24

Mosty Administration : Education,sport and tourism department:
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1. “Mosty” Hotel»
Lenin square,!, Mosty, tel: +375-1515- 3-23-05
2. “Belaya Tropa” ltd.
Address: village Cherlenka,Mosty district,Grodno region.
Tel:+375-1515- 3-35-98
Director: Nikolai Tumaschik.
Tourism department: Alexandr Dorofeichik+375-29- 398-00-03
Novoselki village, Mosty district, Grodno region.
Cell phone: +375-44 555-55-21;Galina Belko
4. Hostel “Shimki”
Shimki village, Mosty district ,Grodno region.
Cell phone:+375-29- 86-97-890;+375-29- 665-97-29 Tatjyana Shabalinskaya.
5. Hostel “Kali laska”
Moskali village ,Mosty district Grodno region, Ivan Marmysh, Cell phone: +375-29-2875721.
Fast food places:
Sovetskaya Street,38 .Mosty, tel: +375-1515 3-35-46

Café “Neman”
Pushkin street,2, Mosty, tel:+375-1515 3-27-86

Restaurant “Kronon”
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Cafe ”Perekrestok”
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