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There are nine manufacturing companies in the region:
-Mostovdrev, Saman-Plus, Baidimex companies (wood-working industry)
-Motex (light industry)
-a subsidiary Mostovsky Kumpyachok, Mosty Koopprom, Rogoza Starch Plant (food industry)
-Mosty Agricultural Hardware, Mosty Overhaul Plant in the village of Peski (agricultural industry)
-Mosty MPMK-155, Mostyremstroi and others (construction industry).

The region’s agriculture specializes in cattle-breeding, potato, sugar-beet, grain and forage crops growing, beekeeping (the company Gudevichi). The region has six agricultural production cooperatives, four agricultural companies, 13 farms with 999 hectares of agricultural lands (including 984 hectares of arable lands).

In line with the State Village Revival Programme, the region is expected to set up 16 agro-towns by 2010. Agro-towns of Lunno, Glyadovichi, Gudevichi and Dubno were developed in 2005-2006. The Mosty region trades with 22 countries.